Monday, April 26, 2010

3 - 2 - 1 here I go!!!

Way back in September, I signed up for a Workshop given by none other than the talented Miss Mary Engelbreit. Well, the time has arrived and I will be jetting off to St. Louis, MO with my friend Cindy to attend this most amazing Workshop. I can't wait to get there - the anticipation is building . . . Barbara from Mary's Staff has been sending out "teaser" e-mails for awhile now, and the goodie bags alone should be enough to get me there. Wowee!!! My camera battery is charged up, my bags are almost packed, and I've gathered all of my class materials.

I'll be taking classes from Matthew Mead (who is coming out with a new Holiday Magazine), and Kari Meeng from French General. I'll be making a bracelet . . . hmmmm! I know, I know but I just love French General!!! I can't wait to share all my photos and experiences from this amazing show. Cindy and I are off to the party of the year!!! Watch out St. Louis, here we come!


  1. Well, you luckie duckie . . . sounds like great fun, Patricia! Have a safe and awesome trip--can't wait to hear how it goes!!



  2. I am very lucky Miss Debi! I can't wait - especially the tour of Mary's Studio. Pinch me. Stay tuned for pics and blabbing!!!

    Patricia :)

  3. You were so sweet to help me...and..lend me your "magnifiers". It was great meeting you. Hopefully, one day, I'll have a chance to head your way!!
    Micah, with the aging eyes, from Arkansas

  4. How exiting! I have been a huge fan of Mary since the 80s! Have lots of fun!!!