Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Heart Beats for You!!!

It goes without saying . . . I LOVE Valentine's Day! This is true for so many reasons. I met my dear sweet husband one day after Sweetheart Day back in 1980. I was lamenting that I just wasn't clicking with any of the "stuck up" California boys. I had just moved (reluctantly) from Illinois - my Dad had been transferred for a new job, and I was too young to stay back by myself. And 31 years later, I am married to and in love with my "not very stuck up" California boy.

But the other reason I LOVE Valentine's Day is HEARTS! As you can see above, there is no shortage of hearts in my jewelry creating these days. But I want to tell you about some special hearts that I've come to love. These special little hearts are made by my sweet friend Lisa Souers. Lisa is this full of energy, darling and happy woman who has inspired me by her business, her laughter, and her zest for life. You'll see many of her ephemera hearts have shown up on some of my designs this season. I think they go perfectly with my Vintage designs. See for yourself here on my Embarcardero Bracelet - so fun!

So here's to a lovely Sweetheart Day . . . who makes your heart go pitter patter??? Tell me "your" story and be entered into a giveaway to win my "Lil Crush Necklace".
I will pick a random winner on on Tuesday, February 8 so you'll have your necklace before the big day!


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  2. I am loving your Valentines creations! And I am a big fan of Lisa Souer's jewelry as well. What a tiptop combo of your two talents.

    My biggest crush these days would be on our granddaughter, Claire. Even though her parents were raised on the west coast, Claire has grown up in Texas, and speaks like a southern belle. She is 20 months old already. Her baby days went screaming by. When she blows me kisses and says Bye with her drawl, my heart goes gooey.

    Happy hearts day to you!

  3. I forever have a new "favorite" in your shop, Patricia! And tonight, I found ANOTHER! I try to stay away, but you know how that goes...!

    My heart goes pitter patter by my sweet little family. We've been through all kinds of crazy things together, but that's okay -- we go through them together. When my mom died when I was younger, my aunt always said, "you need to create your OWN family now"... I didn't quite grasp it then -- but I do now. So that boy that always chewed on his pen and so obviously checked me out all through math class (that we both put off until our last semester of college!) and that sweet girl that arrived ten years later -- well, they make my heart swoon. :) Grateful for them EVERY day...

    And I had no idea I loved hearts so much -- until I found your little works of art!

  4. How lovely & thoughtful, Patricia! Considering my brilliant love life, I was struggling to think of what to say as far as my pitter-pattering heart is concerned. So, I paused, and decided to think about it and come back later. And then...I happened upon Tricia Foley's latest post in regard to Downton Abbey withdrawal. In the last decade of the last century, when people would ask (which they often did) about my style...I would say, "Have you seen Victoria magazine?" It is me. So, what makes MY heart pitter patter?

    "Art Design by Tricia Foley, Photos by Toshi Otsuki."

    Have a beautiful week, Patricia!

    : )

    Julie M.

  5. My husband still makes my heart pitter patter. Even though we've been married 18 years and have had some rough patches, no one compares to him!

  6. My pitter patter story? Well, my first husband passed away suddenly almost 11 years ago. His memory still does make my heart not just ache in sadness but throb with love. But, I am so blessed that I met my second love of my life and we have been married now 7 years. To find love a second time is really, really special. And, he makes my heart overflow with emotion. Then there are my six children...pitter patter indeed! I came here from twitter and glad I did, what a beautiful giveaway. I have a new love for hearts I've realized these past weeks!

  7. My heart goes pitter patter when my husband and I get a chance to spend the day together. After 35 years we are still sweethearts! I love that man!

    Your jewelery is amazingly beautiful!

  8. My handsome husband when he does something sweet and unexpected - that and a dreamy food pic. It is a toss-up... :)

  9. Everyday my boys make my heart go pitter patter. Love them to pieces.

  10. My 4 little kids make my heart pitter-patter. The amount of love they show their baby sister is too sweet. It is amazing how much love sibling can have for each other at such a young age.

    My 4 year old son love to sing her made up lullabies about her "little sweet face." It is too cute to watch.