Saturday, March 12, 2011

They need OUR Help!

As you are all aware, Japan was rocked by the largest earthquake in 120 years last Friday. While I haven't been in touch with many of my Fuji Xerox friends in many years, I can tell you that even though they are strong people, they need our help. The Japanese people are amazing - always smiling, always a twinkle in their eyes. They are very humble and would probably cringe at the thought that they need help, but they do.

What can I do? Well, just as I did when Haiti was struck by an earthquake last year, I will be donating 25% of my proceeds until the end of the month to The RED CROSS. I've selected the Red Cross because they were so incredibly amazing to my family after 9/11; offering to donate airfares for all of us to attend my cousin Dennis' funeral. While we didn't take them up on it, it was wonderful to know that they were willing to help people less fortunate than us.
You don't need to do a thing; when you make your purchase, 25% of that will be directly donated through PayPal. (Not valid on coupon sales please). Thank you for your generosity. Japan has always helped us in our hour of need; let's give something back and get Japan restored to the beautiful country it once was!

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