Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Let's get chatting . . .

It's Tuesday, July 5 and for me this officially means that it's Summertime! When you live in the Pacific Northwest, this is the day we so hopefully wait for. The jet stream is way to the north, bringing us endless days of sunshine, blue skies, and weeds in the garden :)

I thought that maybe I would start a new feature here on my blog . . . let's hope Summer doesn't get in the way of me posting each week. Let's call it TUESDAY TRENDS! Each Tuesday, I will feature a color way and post some of my jewelry, and perhaps other links to other fabulous designers and friends. I'll try to link everything to it's proper website so you don't have to go on a search and rescue to find it. First, let me introduce you to my inspiration color boards . . . Color Collective! It's an amazing blog full of all things color. Truly amazing.

Who loves aqua and orange and gray?

Hildreth Meirer Earrings - $35

Orange Bomb Earrings - $34

All of these fabulous pieces are available at Tippy Stockton! Get your Summer Fun on now.

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