Monday, September 19, 2011

Greetings from St. Paul

Normally when one says they've been "cooped up" in a hotel all weekend, you think UGH! But I was happily cooped up with so many amazing women this weekend. We bonded over craft projects, jewelry making, and photo tips. We dined on delicious food at the conference as well as a lovely evening meal around a large table. We dreamed and schemed. We did what women do ... yack and talk. But mostly we bonded. We encouraged each other, we hugged each other. We didn't tear each other down, we built each other up. Let's face it, women can be catty. Not the women I met this weekend. We all gathered for a common reason; to move forward and do and create what we love. So, it's a whole new day of aspiration, inspiration, and forging ahead. I came away with the feeling that I unloaded a whole lot of emotional baggage, and now I'm ready to take it on. Hello world . . . here I am!

Stay tuned for more photos from The Creative Connection. I'm just starting to unload all kinds of things to show you.

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