Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A somewhat Belated Mother's Day

When I first became a Mom, almost 25 years ago, Mother's Day was such a sweet day. I remember when Kellan would bring home presents from school. No matter what they were, they always found a place of honor on the kitchen table, displayed there for several weeks. But then, in 2009, my Mother passed away. Mother's Day ever since then has been dreadful. I should be marking the day celebrating with Kellan and John, instead I grieve for my own Mom. She lived to be 80, I should be thankful. But I'm not . . . I'm mad. I still have things I need to talk to her about. I want to know what spice it was that she put in her brisket recipe. I want to know who the people are in photos that I have found since her death. One little girl has her name, and I haven't a clue who she is. I want her to know her grandson as a young man. And I would have loved to have taken her on a tour of my Studio. She could have been my helper. I'm just mad . . .

I would give anything to have her sitting here with me drinking her coffee, chatting about when she was a little girl, about her own Mom. I would give anything to feel her loving arms around me one last time. And I would pay whatever it took to get her on the phone again.

But instead, another year passes and I'm left with unanswered questions. I truly do look forward to the day we're together again.

A Mother's Love

I've been with you

since before your birth

I'll stand by your side

as long as I'm on this earth.

A mother's love is special,

a never-ending gift.

A love that's always there

If you ever need a lift.

I think of you often,

never missing a day,

My love is forever,

and always sent your way.

You're never far from the caring

thoughts in my heart.

No matter how many miles

ever try to keep us apart.

A Mother's love, your gift,

the gift I'll always give to you.

As we watch our lives go by,

no matter what you say or do.

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