Friday, June 22, 2012

It's Feature Friday - today's special guest is Liz Bradley

A little ditty about me:

My name is Liz Bradley, and I own two shops. One is called LuLu's fine home furnishings and the other is Little LuLu's. I opened LuLu's in 2005, naming it after my great grandmother, whom I have such fond memories of. She passed away when I was quite little and I wanted to honor her by naming my store after her, but I also wanted my store to reflect her effortless grace and flawless taste. So, the name just fit. Little LuLu's is a children's shop, and it was born in the late fall of 2010.

In addition to the shops, we also offer decorating services, and staging.

I have a hubby that still takes my breath away, two girlie-girls with the biggest personalities you have ever experienced (this is sometimes good and sometimes bad~like when you get a call from school or a get out of my room kind of battle).

I have a blog, which is where I like to share all the goings on at the shops and the cottage that we live in.

You can also find me twice a month on our local tv stations and in articles I write monthly for our local publications. And just to round it all out, we also participate in shows near and far including the Country Living magazine fairs and the Nashville Garden and Antique show. Check our website for dates and times.

My passions are spending time with my family (I could seriously not leave the house), decorating our cottage and making it a home, junking (not shopping, there is a BIG difference), music, entertaining our friends and family, and ironically photography and cooking (ironic because I can not do either very well at all, scratch that, I am terrible at both! But that doesn't take away the passion.) All of these things that I love to do, whether they turn out good or bad, I prefer to do in boots and statement jewelry.


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