Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Today should have been just another day.  Get up, shower, and get to work.  Today, I found myself walking aimlessly around the house, not looking for anything in particular, just preoccupied.  I had watched endless hours of TV coverage of the tragedy in Boston.  My heart ached for those who lost their lives, lost limbs, or suffered the utter trauma of the day.  Perhaps it's because I can relate to this; I made my way through life for a few weeks back in 2001, after my dear cousin was killed on 9/11/01.  Part of me is so sad, but the bigger part of me is ticked.  It's obviously not known at this point who did it - I just want him/her/them to suffer as well.  Not only have all these people suffered harm, the entire country is on alert now.  My son will head to Seattle tomorrow night to watch the Mariner's play.  Frankly, I wish I could tell him not to go.  It scares me.  But then I harken back to 2001 . . . this is what this person wants.  They want us all to be afraid.  I want not to be afraid, but I am . . . a little.  I have faith in God, therefore I know that He is in control.

So I leave you with something I posted to my Facebook page this morning.  I leave you with this . . . today, I choose hope!  Hope for a better tomorrow, hope for all mankind.  Hug your family and friends, tell them you love them.  You never know what tomorrow will bring. 

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