Sunday, November 17, 2013

Getting Nostalgic

Every year for the past  50 some years, November 18th has marked my day - the day the world changed for my parents and most especially for me. It's my birthday.  But for the past 5 years, it's kinda just been like any other day.  The last birthday I celebrated with those who gave me life was my 47th. That seems like a century ago.

I have tried really hard to put some distance between my emotions and not letting the day go by without being thankful for all the blessings I have in my life. My family - my boys. They spoil me. I couldn't have made it through these years without them.  My friends - those sweet people who get me. I love them for that. But, mostly my faith. Faith has brought me to where I am today. Faith is what gave me strength and peace during the final days of my parents lives. Faith is what has brought me to who I am today.

Many of you know, some don't. My Mother was a Nun, yes a real life Nun. With a habit, with Rosary beads. So it's no wonder that so much of my jewelry has a religious theme. Especially to Mary, the Blessed Mother, Ave Maria, the Milagros, to the Miraculous Medals. Really, it's a tribute to my Mom. The last words we spoke was the Hail Mary before she took her last breath.  It's why I'm making jewelry.  It took me about a year to go through my Mom's things after she passed away.  But what I found astounded me.  Mom never really spoke about her days in the convent, so when I opened her jewelry box and found many Rosary beads and medals, I was shocked.  It made me realize what her faith meant to her.  I just knew at that very moment what I needed to do . . . I was going to carry on a little of that faith through my jewelry.  Some may be offended, but the way I look at it, we could all use a little love, peace and strength from the Blessed Mother. 

So as I celebrate another birthday without them, I cling to my faith, their love for me, and the knowledge that they will always be with me. 

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