Tuesday, August 18, 2009


My Studio is really starting to take shape. We were gone for 10 days on a little vacation to Florida (more on that later) so my Studio was locked up tight. Jerry did some finishing work on the outside while we were gone. The interior was almost completely done - I was only left to dream about what color I would paint. Obviously living in Seattle where we have many dark, dreary days, I wanted something cheery and happy. I think I have found my happy zone - it's really just Tippy aqua. I love this color - I think it rates really high on the HAPPY scale.

So, what's left . . . I'm off today to get my flooring and moulding for around the windows and doors. That should go in the next couple of days. I'm getting really itchy now for this to be done so I can get going on Fall & Holiday jewels. Check back soon for the official unveiling!!!

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  1. Welcome Back! I trust your time was renewing. Place looks almost done....How exciting. See you soon Todd