Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's almost time . . .

JUNE 5-6 Spokane Fairgrounds, Spokane - WA
Find Tippy Stockton @ Booth #128 - Bay 1

So a few months ago I let you all know that I was going to take the plunge and be a VENDOR at the Farm Chicks Show in Spokane. Well, time flies when you're having FUN, and this event is just two short weeks away. My absence from writing on my blog is telling . . . I've been spending nearly every waking hour in my Studio getting ready. If I have time, I will give you a sneak peak of what I'm doing, but for the uber-curious, you'll just have to come to Spokane to check it out. I will be posting the official map for the Spokane Fairgrounds as soon as I get it in my hot little hands. But to curb your enthusiasm for all of those who have been to the Show and kind of have a lay of the land, I'm in Booth #128 in Bay 1. You'll find me next door to "RETREAT", my good friends Deb and Bob. Yes, we will be under the "big Taj Ma Tent". I can't wait!

Oh, and speaking of RETREAT . . . well I have just committed to Deb and Bob's Show in Camano Island on June 26, and the Autumn Retreat on September 18. So for all of you who can't make it to Spokane, no worries!!! Deb and Bob have a lovely setting up in Camano Island. It's gorgeous. More to follow about this show.

So, duty calls . . . off to the Studio. Need to knock a few things off my list today.


  1. Oh wish I wasn't so far away!! Sounds like you are about to have tons of fun!!!! Shelley

  2. Tee-hee hee hee! I am so excited for Farm Chicks. Can't wait to see you and Deb there.

  3. Good Luck to you Patricia! I'm sure you will have a wonderful booth and a fabulous show!
    amy @

  4. It's going to be SO much fun! {BTW, it's TAJ Ma Tent. ;0) Cindy Queen of Tarte and Robin Laws named it that last year at BarnHouse!}

    -Deb @ Retreat

  5. Have a fabulous show! Sell all your stuff, and enjoy it! You're in fantastic company.