Tuesday, June 8, 2010

IT WAS Maaaaavelous. . .

What a weekend @ the Farm Chicks Show. . .
So, where do I begin??? I have to first thank all of those folks who made this possible for me. I wouldn't have been able to get 'er done had it not been for them!!! John and Kellan, you know that I love you more than life and I really promise that I will cook again and maybe even fold your laundry instead of dumping it on your bed!!! Judy and Jerry . . . who could ask for better neighbors. You have tirelessly supported this crazy life of mine and helped out in SO MANY WAYS. I owe you BIGTIME!!! Tammy, who spent the day and priced every piece of jewelry, and folks, that was a ton. Rowena, girlfriend, you were a Godsend!!! Peeling and sticking, cutting and stitching. Joey, my bro - can you come back soon and help paint? Thanks for chipping in while you were here working!!! You were amazing! Deb and Bob Kennedy - thank you, thank you for allowing me to inhabit your "Taj Ma Tent" for the weekend. You have taught me how to be gracious and thankful for everything!!! xoxoxo I know that I'm missing many of you, but let me also mention all of those who made a special trip over to Spokane to see me and check out this fantastic show: Cindy & Devon, Teresa & Greg, Pam & Courteney, Megan, Cindy and Cindy from Haley's Cottage, and all of the Come Junk with Us Girls who stopped by. You're all amazing and I so appreciate it!

My booth was . . . well it was darling. Am I allowed to say that? Of course I went with my signature Tippy blue - a shade of aqua that I love, love, love!!! I have been fortunate in the past few months to acquire a couple of great pieces of furniture. They were for sale but didn't sell, but that's okay because they make for amazing props. The space was filled with everything that I love . . . jewelry of course, pillows, my wonderful new totes (they will all be for sale on my Textile Website @ http://www.tippystextilesnstuff.etsy.com.), lavender bundles, sachets, lovely new candles in yummy scents.

I love this sweet little garden chandelier that I made. YES, it Sold!!! It's going to a woman's home to become the centerpiece of her dining room full of silk greens and candles. I am on the hunt to find more chandy's. I'll have them at Deb and Bob's Petite Retreat on Saturday, June 26 on Camano Island, and at my own Studio Tour and Show on July 24!

Fabric Flowers . . . who knew that these little babies would become the hit of the show. Again, more are in production and will be on my Textile site. It was so much fun to have a chance to take a stroll through the show late on Sunday and see all of the folks who had bought these little gems with them attached to their lapels. It made me smile. :)

And Pearl, my constant friend and companion. She was all decked out in her new apron (thank you Judy). Someone bought the apron so she was back to wearing her lovely tulle skirt. Yes, Pearl we will make you a new apron. Judy and I visited our favorite Vintage tablecloth guy at the show and bought up a bushel of new pieces that will be turned into lovely aprons very soon.

Have I mentioned that I HATE having my picture taken!!! Well, here I was on day 1 having a really bad hair day! But my outfit was really cute. White ruffled skirt, my signature apron, jean jacket and you can't see them in this photo, Tippy blue cowboy boys. Your darn tootin!!! Thanks Cindy!

Day 2 brought a few changes. I moved this lovely wicker piece to front and center. Gladys got all of the attention wearing all of the beautiful orange jewelry I have in stock. So sweet!

There's a glimpse of the whole booth. So much fun, so many great memories!!!

While us girls took a stroll, here was our helper dudes. We told them that they could work in the booth only if they donned our aprons. Aren't they cute???

And here's the really tired guy . . . he hoofed it all out of the trailer and into my space and then hoofed it back into the trailer for the ride home. Thank you my dear. And did I mention that load in day on Friday was a monsoon??? And it was our anniversary??? You're the best Mr. Mackey!!!

And finally on Sunday afternoon, my sweet friend Tiffany dropped by to see me. She had the most spectacular assignment for the show. She was with Jo Packham from "Where Women Create" Magazine. She was the photographer for the show. How fun was that??? Hey Tiffany, we have a date soon, right??? That's Julie in the middle from The Little Red Shop in Cle Elum; another new friend. I love that!
It was such an amazing weekend. 4,300 people on Saturday crammed into the building; not sure how many on Sunday, but it was a lot! Will I go back next year??? Heck yeah, count me in Serena! And thank you for your graciousness - you are a lovely woman! See you next year @ the show. June 4-5, 2011 @ the Spokane Fairgrounds.


  1. I'm in for next year too! :) how CA-UTE! love your pic's!

  2. Your booth was just gorgeous, Patricia! Wish we could have chatted more--too busy (yippee!!). Despite the sogginess on Friday, hope you two had a very happy anniversary!


    P.S. The photo of you is wonderful, shy girl!

  3. Patricia,
    Your booth was beautiful! I am only sorry I got to it on Sunday cuz Saturday was such a mad house. Your pictures are darling and you look gorgeous. I missed the boots.

  4. Looks like so much fun!!! Wish I lived closer! Your area looks amazing! What a great picture of Tiffany too. She looks cute as a bug! Glad you had so much fun and what a great hubby to help so much!! ~Shelley

  5. Ah girlies . . . thanks for the great comments. The weekend was a whirlwind Deb and Laura. The days flew by with so little time to visit. Jill, I'm picking you up from the airport on the way to Spokane, so you better saddle up and get your boots on. Yes, I can't wait for next year! What a show.

    ps: Shelley, I will find a picture that I took of Miss Tiffany on Saturday night at the private party @ Chaps! Talk about darling!!! You should come next year. My friend Cindy (you met her at the ME workshop) would love to hang with you. How fun - I'll pick you up the same time I pick Jill up!!!

  6. Great booth Patricia! I'm loving my little Sachets and Candles I bought! Although the Candles make me crave Cupcakes!!! Acckk!

    I wish I would have gotten a chance on Sunday to come back through and take pics of you and your booth! Saturday was IMPOSSIBLE and we had a few quick pick ups on Sunday and headed West!

    I did a couple posts,,,although my pics are never the best,,but stop on "over" if you'd like!!
    Great Booth, Great Show!!!

  7. Oh my, looks like it turned out amazing. I'm glad you decided to jump in and go for it. I can't imagine how much work it took. I hope it was worth your time. I'm loving the men in aprons too :) I saw you guys at the UW super regionals but couldn't catch ya to say hi. What amazing games!
    Hope all is well with you.

  8. Your booth was darling! I loved being your neighbor. You are so talented and sweet. I just checked out your etsy site- your jewelry is fabulous! That shade of blue is fabulous and the fresh flowers gave it such a nice touch!

  9. Patricia, it was so wonderful to meet you last weekend! Your booth was so welcoming and classy. I loved it all!

    How did I miss seeing your husband in the apron? Too funny.

    I am off to peek at your etsy shop!

  10. It was all FABULOUS! So good to see EVERYONE, just wish there was more time to visit! See you soon in Sumner!