Thursday, July 29, 2010

Road Trip

It's been a busy few months, and I decided that after my last show, which was my own Studio Tour and Summer Market here last weekend, I would take some time off. What does time off mean??? For me, it only means that I will not be doing any shows for the month of August. Truly, I have plenty of things on my plate, including getting (2) huge jewelry orders together for a couple of darling brides, plus I have the honor of creating and orchestrating the flowers and event for one of those special girls as she marries her Prince Charming. I am so excited to be doing a wedding again - I will most definitely be posting pictures of this event.

So taking time off means I get to play a little. I'm heading south this weekend to a little town near the Oregon border called Battleground. The famous Boys of Barn House are putting on a little shin-dig this weekend, and from what I've heard, I'd be CRAZY to miss it. So, I'm heading to Portland on Friday (let me know what places I should hit on Friday afternoon folks), then up bright and early on Saturday morning to hit the show. Some of my most favorite people will be there including: Retreat, Auntie Joy, of course BarnHouse, and so much more!

So, hello Portland . . . here I come! Check back soon for lots of pictures!!!

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