Monday, September 13, 2010

Drum Roll Please - and the winner is . . .

Another crazy, busy week here at Tippy Stockton. Why do I do this to myself??? I had an absolutely, fantastic and amazing Saturday over at Haley's Cottage in Kirkland. Cindy was sponsoring her 2nd French Inspired Flea Market. I met some amazing new vendors (new friends too), and was able to connect with a whole bunch of new jewelry crazies like me.

So, I am so sorry I didn't keep my word about announcing the winner of my drawing on Sunday. It's Monday - what's one day when it involves a contest. Just keeps you attentive right!!!

The Winner of my $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway is . . .

COLLEEN OF Collquest!!!

Congratulations Colleen, and after reading your blog, I hope this gets you feeling better. Contact me at and we can chat about how to get your certificate to you.

Thank you, thank you everyone who participated in this little drawing. This was fun . . . I might just have to host another soon!

Off to pack for my next adventure! THE CREATIVE CONNECTION in Minneapolis!

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