Tuesday, November 9, 2010

HO HO HO Happy HOLIDAY Giveaway

Well, it's the morning after . . . yes, IT has arrived!!! HOLIDAY by Matthew Mead was on my doorstep yesterday morning. I can't quite explain to you how excited I was to open this "Bookazine" and see what Matthew and his crew have been furiously working on for months. It was their baby, and wow what a beautiful baby it is. GORGEOUS!!! This is NOT a magazine - the paper alone tells you the love that was involved in putting this together. It's thick and has a beautiful hand, like a lovely piece of fabric. The photography is amazing! The stories . . . well, lets just say, they are perfect in every way.

The other reason I was so excited to receive my copy was because I was chosen to be featured in this inaugural magazine. Tippy Stockton's Noel Bracelet is proudly featured. I have had many pinch me moments this past year, and I have to say, this one is pretty exciting.

Not only have I been featured, but I have been blessed with having had the opportunity to meet Matthew and his wife Jenny. I think it's safe to say that our friendship will continue long after the Holidays are over. To know Matthew is a gift - this man is so sincere, charming, kind and uber talented!!! Thank you!

So, let's have a giveaway! Share a favorite Christmas memory. I will pick one lucky winner to receive a copy of HOLIDAY by Matthew Mead. I will pick a random winner next week, Thursday, November 18 (which happens to be my birthday).

There isn't a page in this lovely "bookazine" that you're not going to love! Good luck everyone!


  1. It's so like you to be giving something away on your own birthday! ;0) That's my Christmas memory - giving gifts that really make people smile. One year we spent waaay more than we should have, but we bought all four kids exactly the 'big thing' that they wanted: A stereo, a keyboard, a drum set, and a Nintendo. The expressions on their faces made it well worth all the sacrifices we made to do it...

    I'd love to win this magazine - I'm on 'new magazine restriction' since I have so many old ones to move to our new house LOL.

    Deb @ Retreat

  2. Oh YAY! Congrats Patricia! I love it when my friends are featured here and there and it's happening more and more isn't it. We are surround my such a great group of creative gals.
    When I think of Christmas I just smile...there isn't just one memory that I can share so I'll just say that Christmas to me is family. It's all about family and celebrating together the amazing birth of our Lord Jesus Christ!

  3. Having Santa come on Christmas Eve ....just to visit and all the family sitting down for dinner.
    Congrats on your Ah ah moment with M.M.....what is 2011 going to bring you?
    Thanks for the give away...

  4. I'm so happy for you! I would absolutely love to have a copy!
    My favorite Christmas memory is an easy one. It has to be Christmas of 1984. My one and only, Katie, was due December 10. As the first grandchild in the family, my mom, dad, brothers and sister, had all come up from California to spend Christmas in Seattle with the new baby. Trouble is, she hadn't arrived yet. I was to be induced the day after Christmas, but lo and behold, guess who showed up on Christmas Eve? It was actually fun, and a whole lot more relaxing, spending Christmas in the hospital. The volunteers made big red stockings for the babies to be photographed in, and our special treatment included wine and a holiday cake. I was so thankful that my parents could be there when she was born. Couldn't have asked for a better Christmas!

  5. Hello Patricia,
    I love, love, love your Noel bracelet. The red is PERFECT, bright and intense. Whomever buys it will be thrilled with it.
    We want to thank you for letting us feature it in Holiday. What will you do for our next issue???
    Take care,

  6. Congratulations Patricia!!! I'm so happy for you. :)
    As for Christmas -- I've especially loved each one I've been able to share with my girl. She was such an amazing surprise/blessing and seeing her so excited during the holidays -- it just makes them all the better from my vantage point. And while she is only five -- she's on her way to being quite the decorator/stylist -- and I'm looking forward to the day when I can just let HER set everything up!

  7. I just found your blog from a post on FB under Where Women Create and I just had to google you... I love, love, love your jewelry! I am an unorganized artist at the moment. I went through a wicked divorce and I just haven't been able to get my creative space organized to get back to creating. I am taking jewelry classes at a college and loving it. Congrats on your success.

    Christmas is such a wonderful time. My favorite memory is watching my kids write their "Dear Santa" letters. I still have them. Children make the holiday so magical.

    happy holidays to you and your family!!!

  8. Patricia, congratulations to you! I am thrilled for you. I met you, briefly at The Farm Chicks show and am in awe of your eye for color and design...

    I think Mathew Mead is amazing and such an inspiration. Lucky you that you actually know him!

    I love every single, moment of the holidays; the hustle and bustle of decorating, shopping, baking, entertaining, watching the Christmas specials, and quiet time with family and friends. I am always a bit sad when they are over.

    Because I love them all... I have so many wonderful memories:
    I was six-years-old and completely in awe of the magic of Christmas. I believed with all my heart that Santa was coming to leave presents under the tree for me and my brother, John. I went to bed on that Christmas Eve just bubbling with excitement.

    It was the winter of 1968, a winter that went down in history (until 2 winters ago) as the most snow that Spokane, Washington had ever seen. I had watched Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and was postive that Santa would make it through the storm, with Rudolf leading his team of reindeer.

    As I finally drifted off to sleep... I heard it! I know I did! It was Santa! I could hear the jingling! It was loud and magical and wonderful and I believed...

    It wasn't until many years later (even after Bruce Boeple told me at 10 years old that Santa wasn't real) that I heard the sound of a big snow plow, jingling through the streets one snowy winter night. The sound was oh-so familiar.

    Mermaid Debbie

  9. Thank you everyone for your comments! So many wonderful stories. I'm glad it's a random drawing because it would be hard to pick my favorite.

    @Jenny - I'm not sure what next year has in store for Tippy Stockton. Probably the same thing - loving what I'm doing creating in my little garden Studio. Just me and my dog! Thanks again for including me. The magazine is getting RAVE reviews . . . congratulations!

  10. I already have my lovely copy of Holiday with Matthew Mead, so I just wanted to say, "Congratulations, Patricia!" What fun! One of my favorite memories from Christmas past is the road trips my family took to Minnesota to visit my grandparents for the holidays.

    Almost Happy Birthday!!!

    : )

    Julie M.

  11. How can one pick just one memory?......I will have to go with a funny one, then. The kids decided one year that by the time Santa got to us on the West Coast he was going to be really tired of cookies. (I think we had watched Tim Allen in The Santa Clause and they were marveling at how many cookies he had to eat.) So they made Santa a sandwich instead. They made their mistake by putting the plate on the coffee table. We tucked them in bed and went to fill the stockings for the next morning. In that 30 seconds we had gone down the hall, the dog decided that sandwich looked pretty good. We appeared to see him licking his lips...man, that dog is fast.

  12. Patricia, Christmas has become such an intamade affair for our family. We have a family cabin in the mountains and for years now, My hubby, kids and I set out the morning or Christmas Eve after a big breakfast at home... and head for the mountains... We play board games, watch old Ma and Pa Kettle movies by using a generator... fire in the pot bellied stove... Christmas morning we open gifts.. and hike the snowy trails around the cabin. I wouldnt trade it for anything...