Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back to Work

We just returned from a much needed week of downtime. Our week in Myrtle Beach was pretty uneventful, albeit a visit to the Walk-in Clinic for me. It seems that I don't really like air conditioning that much. I had a whopper of a sinus infection, so with a Z-pack and Mucinex in hand, I was as good as new. Have I mentioned I LOVE the EAST Coast??? I was born in New York, and I guess once you have had a taste of the Atlantic beaches, your hooked forever. We were able to take in a little of bit of southern history when we took a ride to Georgetown. The homes in this area are all marked with their birth dates, circa 1830, etc. It was so fun to see that these beautiful homes are still standing and are definitely not showing their age. The rain that day kept us from really getting out to take advantage of more of the historical sites, but we were content to just drive and take in the beauty of South Carolina.

But, now it's back to work for me. This week is a pretty exciting one. Matthew Mead's HOLIDAY magazine will hit mailboxes all across the world, and I was lucky enough to be featured in this new magazine. I hope that you ordered your copy.

It's Sunday today, and here's a little sneak peek preview of some of the things that are now in my shop for the Holiday Season. In the next week, look for many new items that will be showing up. I will be a creative elf getting so many things ready for the approach of the most amazing time of the year!
So, the suitcases have been unloaded and stowed away for another day, 5 loads of laundry are waiting for washing, and my mind is spinning with all of the possibilities that Christmas brings. Oh, and the most exciting thing, my TV now has "Sounds of the Season" running Christmas songs 24-7. I am a happy girl . . .

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