Friday, November 19, 2010

My Giveaway Winner is . . .

Well, yesterday was my Birthday and I had promised that I would pick a lucky winner. Well, the day got away from me. I worked in my Studio in the morning - the Christmas orders are starting to roll in. I finished two crocheted scarves; one went to New Jersey, the other going to Georgia. I had a beautiful pair of Christmas red earrings that went to a lovely lady here in the Seattle area. I love Christmas . . . and I love to see where Tippy Stockton is going to show up all over the world. My Birthday was perfect, quiet like I like it! My husband surprised me with a few lovely gifts, one of them being a Nook. I need your help friends - I have fought buying one of these because I love the feel and smell of a book. Hmmmm, still thinking on that one. He also indulged me with my favorite perfume, and a dozen roses. Last night we met up with 2 couples at Maggiano's. Way too much food, but oh so enjoyable with the people that I love. And it's not over . . . I hate surprises, but apparently there is something happening on Saturday night. Don't know a thing about it! I guess I need to just roll with it. But the topper to my evening was when my sweet son, Kellan arrived home from college in time to wish me a Happy Birthday. Can't wait to spend the day with him today.

So without further ado,
the Giveaway Winner is . . .


Congratulations, I will be emailing you later today to get your address so I can get your copy in the mail to you so you'll have it for your decorating inspiration after Thanksgiving.

Thank you to everyone who wrote in. Your stories put a smile on my face and gave me pause to remember some of my favorite Christmas memories. So, I'll share one with you:

I have many, but the one that comes to mind so vividly was the year my baby brother Chris was in the Navy. He had been away for some time, and had no immediate plans to be home. But, he was able to get 5 days leave over Christmas and we surprised my Mom and Dad by flying him in for the Holidays. I can still see the looks on their faces when he came strolling in dressed in his "Navy dress whites". The tears of joy that spilled from both of their eyes is definitely something I will never forget. What I loved was, it wasn't about the presents at all, it was about Family!!!

So from my Family to yours . . . a blessed Thanksgiving to all of you. Cherish the time you have with your parents, family, children and friends. Life is short . . .

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