Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's in Store for the next 50

I'm sitting here on the eve of the BIG 50 . . . okay, so there I admitted it. My good friend whom I've known for 42 years called tonight. She told me that the night before her 50th she got very emotional. Am I emotional? No, not really. Kind of melancholy. Wondering what the next 50 years will be bring besides envelopes from the AARP. WHAT??? Isn't that for Retired People?

For me, my 40's were a time of a lot of joy, but also sadness. I accomplished a lot in my 40's; I began new journey's and said goodbye to a part of my life that meant the world to me. Okay, so now I'm emotional.

I will say that there were some incredible highlights in the past 10 years. My sweet husband John and I celebrated 25 years of marriage. It was amazing the comments we received from random people the night we celebrated our anniversary at a Seattle restaurant. To us it seemed like such a short time, but these folks reminded us that we in fact had hit a milestone. I can't wait to see what the next 25 will have in store for us. I just know that we are such good friends and have such a great time together. Kellan graduated from High School . . . then went to college. In a few short months he will graduate from college and be ready to start his life. It doesn't seem possible that the little baby who toddled around is now a grown man. The sweetest part of life.

In 2008, my sweet Dad succumbed to cancer. He fought a good fight - he willed himself to live for 5+ years after the doctors told him 3-6 months. I miss our phone calls. He always would call for my Mom because she was legally blind. It was always "my daughter" in his best Irish accent. I miss that. What I wouldn't do to just hear him say that again! That's when cell phones in heaven would be so nice!!! And then if things couldn't get any worse, my Mom passed away just months after Dad. Yes, a double whammy! Again, hello God - could you please put my Mom on the phone. There are so many things that I want to share with her. Just to be able to bounce things off her would be great. Or a cooking tip or a reminder on a recipe. Sadness that nearly took me down, until one day I started to create. Tippy Stockton saved me!

As I look at the photograph taken on my very first birthday, I look at a little girl who grew up happy. Who knew . . . So, happy me! 50 is fabulous, right? My dermatologist told me that I didn't look 50, Dr. Kathy says my ticker is in great shape. I have made a deal with myself though - I will lose some weight. I want to live up to the 50 is fabulous and maybe even trick people into thinking that I'm really in my 40's.
So here's to 50! Take it or leave it . . . I'm there.


  1. Wishing you a VERY Happy Birthday, sweet friend, and that this coming milestone year will bring you even more dreams-come-true and precious memories to treasure...

  2. Well Happy Birthday!!!! 50 can be so fabulous! I can't imagine life without my parents! I am sure I will want to use that cell phone in heaven!! Enjoy today!

  3. Happy Birthday to you..., Yes, you made me cry! The next 50 will be amazing!