Friday, February 25, 2011

Winter is Waning

Well, as I sit here in my cozy livingroom this morning on this gloriously sunny and beautiful day, I really have to ask . . . is Winter waning? Will Spring really be here soon? I would have to say NO to both those questions. Yesterday we had snow that blanketed my beautiful snowdrops and tet'e a tet'e daffodils. Today, albeit gorgeously sunny, it's really cold . . . 24 degrees! Yikes! I've been flipping through some wonderful gardening magazines and making plans for what theme my garden will have this year. Probably more of the same, but with lots of new color.

I just purchased a new slipcover for my Sunroom sofa. I can't wait to get it. I've had the same sofa for the past 20 years - it's been bleached out by the sun, but I love its shape. So a new spruce up is in order. I think I will toss some new pillows onto it, change up the color a bit. A fresh start for Spring. I like that!

And as Winter wanes, new colors are popping up in my shop @ I love color . . . can't wait to get back to designing.

Are any of you thinking this is a rambling, off the wall post? I do! But, I have so much to say and I thought that I would just put it all in one post. So without further ado, COLIN FIRTH will win the Oscar this Sunday for his role in "The King's Speech". I have been in love with Colin for a long time, but most particularly since he was cast in "Love Actually". He had my heart from that moment. I believe that "The King's Speech" will also win the Oscar for Best Picture. Have you seen it? Don't miss it . . . amazing!

So, as the weekend begins, here's a little reminder . . . THINK SPRING!

From me to you . . . let's have a GIVEAWAY!

I've saved the best for last! Tell me your Oscar Favorite in a

post here on my blog, and be entered to win a $25 Gift Certificate

good towards anything in my shop.

Good luck and GO COLIN!!!
I will pick a random winner on Tuesday, March 1!
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  1. Well...I seemed to have lost my last comment...forgive me if this is a duplicate. I love Colin! Plus Geoff Rush was awesome! Didn't you just love the wall treatment in his office?
    Plus I already 'like' you on FB...
    Think Spring, indeed!

  2. Kings Speech...Ditto to Lisa's post...Love Colin!!! Also am already a follower on your designs. Thanks for the positive thoughts on Spring Weather being on the fingers are crossed!!!

  3. Oh girlie, your post made me so happy! I have been in love with Colin since Pride & Prejudice and he will win for The King's Speech, as will the King's Speech win..or it better! I just saw it last weekend and it is the best movie EVER!!! Love you jewerly, and your gorgeous picture of you in green, Irish lassie!!

  4. I am in love with those earrings!! shoot. I have no money to spend today. Is your doggie an australian sheperd? We have an australian sheperd/border collie mix, she is such a good girl, so smart!

  5. I have no idea who's up for an Oscar, but if Colin Firth is, I vote for him too! And I definitely vote for spring living room makeovers. I just finished sewing fresh new muslin curtains, throw pillow covers, and more throw pillows for color.

  6. I should not be eligible for your wonderful give-away...but I just had to say, (though I've yet to see "King's Speech") "Mmm...Colin Firth!" I did see "True Grit" and thought it was delightful.

    Happy Spring planning, Patricia! I love the picture of you with you pup!

    : )

    Julie M.

  7. Oh my goodness girls . . . so happy that you sent me messages. I LOVE CYBER MAIL!!! It seems it's unanimous - COLIN FIRTH IS A HOTTIE!

    @Prudence - yes, that's my Chloe girl. She is such a Momma's girl - my constant Studio companion. Not fond of men :( but loves her Daddy and brother. Very smart, adorable - I want to clone her or least hope God lets us keep her forever.

    @Hollie - thank you dear girl. I had to have a new picture for something "special" coming up. I will let you know more about that later. But yet, green . . . my Irish self loves this color. Wear it as often as I can.

    @Julie - well, too bad Missy, your name is entered. xoxo

    To all . . . Spring will be here soon! Keep thinking good thoughts. Come back on Tuesday where I will announce my winner.

  8. The talented Colin Firth of course.
    thanks for the giveaway....your jewelry is grogeous!

  9. Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. Amazing movie, amazing story. I hope they did the real story justice, it goes far to restore hope for integrity and care in relationships. =)
    PS Props for having Feist on your blog playlist!

  10. Good job with your Oscar predictions!!! And great picture of you and sweet Chloe!

    (I know I'm late for "guessing", but I had to comment on your picture!)

    And I'm getting tired of covering lemon trees -- so it can just warm up and stay warm. I'm ready for spring. Now. :)

  11. I watch the Oscars only to ogle those beautiful dresses... Although their fancy, schmancy jewels are nothing compared to your gorgeous creations!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity!