Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good Morning

Good Morning . . . and it is a good morning. You can clearly see that I'm just laying around enjoying my cup of coffee. As I started to think about my day ahead, I realized that I forgot to announce my Oscar Pick Winner! I'm so sorry to have forgotten. It's hard when you've just rolled out of bed . . .
Seriously though, I do have a winner and I'm sending
Gift Certificate LOVE out to Dani.
Congratulations Miss Dani. Just send me your e-mail so I can send you
confirmation of your certificate.
Ahhhhhhh . . . this is more like it.
Thank you to everyone who participated.
Now go get your day started!


  1. I hope you have the heat cranked, Patricia -- because you're going to catch a chill in that outfit... :)

    Happy Wednesday! Hope the storm blows by -- and lucky Dani -- gotta love those Tippy Stockton treats!

  2. Tippy please tell me what is the secret to a bod like that???

  3. Oh girls . . . if you only knew! This photo was taken on one of my "bad days"! Have a an awesome day. It's good to dream, right?