Saturday, March 5, 2011


Last night, I attended the pre-dinner for the
Dream Girls Weekend.
What a hoot! I had been out all day and really didn't have time to prepare a "get-up" for the Hillbilly theme that was going on. It was okay though, as the girls who did dress up, more than made up for me being in my jeans and sweater.

It really was a special evening; a gathering of women who all have a common interest. Art, fun, and a good time. I was introduced to people who I have only known through blogging or Facebook. So I was so excited when I finally got to meet Jeanne Oliver in person. I had heard from many of my friends what an awesome photographer, artist and just a geniunely nice person she is. And guess what, she really is nice. One of her most recent art pieces really made me ponder things about my life in recent months. It was about forgiveness. I remember when my Mom was alive, she would say to me that it was a lot easier to forgive than to carry that burden around on your shoulders. While it sometimes difficult to put those feelings aside, I have decided to let it go.

I choose forgiveness!


  1. Great, great quote...and oh so you had an amazing weekend!!

  2. Beautiful Post! I have found forgiveness helps the pain leave, and we can go on.


    Glad & Celia

  3. Hollie, Glad and Celia - thanks for your sweet notes. Yes Hollie, I had an amazing weekend. A true bonding experience with my gal pals, new friends, and a pretty little bauble made by Moi. Life does go on after such a betrayal of friendship. I have a great life, wonderful friends like you, and a happy heart!

  4. Forgiveness is sooo much lighter than the alternative!! Sometimes its a pretty hard pill to swallow..but oh the benefits are lasting indeed:)

    I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend lady:)

  5. Patricia I did a post at the beginning of the year about my decision to choose forgiveness after a very difficult last year. It has truly CHANGED my life. I'm sorry for your betrayal, I know how hard it is, you will see forgiveness will help you heal.

  6. Ah Amy, it sucks doesn't it? But I can tell you the weight that has lifted off my shoulders is immeasurable. Plus the other FANTASTIC thing is that I have met some amazing women who I am so happy and proud to call friends. I love my life now and wouldn't change anything! xoxo back at you. It was so great to spend a wee bit of time with you Friday night. We need to do that more often!

  7. LOVE the art, LOVE your follower!

    Huggs from Arizona,
    Margo from