Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm off for a Dreamy Weekend

I remember last year as I was getting my feet wet with Tippy Stockton, I came across some pictures from a Girl's Weekend that was held by my friend

It was called Dream Girls Weekend.

A group of like-minded, artsy, fun and giggly girls get together and spend the weekend crafting fun things, all the while laughing their way through the day. I also remember thinking that I would love to go for so many reasons. To be around this group of women would be the bees knees. Secondly, to be taught how to solder by none other than Terri Brush, well that would be something. So when sweet Tiffany invited me to attend this year, I was thrilled beyond words. Unfortunately, I will only be attending the Sunday session - soldering a friendship bracelet. YAY! I can't wait. Check back next week when I post pictures and details of this lovely weekend.

Here's a few photos from last years event! Doesn't it just look like a blast!

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  1. Um, it looks amazing!!! How much fun!!!!!!!=)