Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last week, I had the distinct pleasure of taking a little trip to Eastern Washington. No, not to see Kellan - he's done with Eastern Washington, thank God. I went on a little selling trip with my new Rep., Cindy. First I have to say that perhaps I'm a little biased, but we live in any amazing state. The landscape was awe inspiring. Just gorgeous. I digress. We ended our day in Moses Lake. I have to say, I was pretty tired, but the minute we walked into Silver Sage, I knew that this was a shop where I really wanted my jewelry to be sold. The shopkeeper, Lenae is adorable, but the real adorableness belongs to none other than Aspyn, her almost 1 year old daughter. What a darling little girl. I took a few pictures of Lenae's shop - gorgeous linens, lamps, pillows, candles . . . the list goes on. It was definitely my kind of shop. Lenae picked out a wonderful selection of Tippy Stockton Jewelry that will arrive just in time for her "Girls and Swirls" event on Friday evening, June 3. If you're in the area, or passing through on your way to Farm Chicks, I hope that you'll stop in and say hello. I'm giving you a little sneak peek too of some of the pieces that will be for sale.

SNEAK PEAK . . . shhhhh! :)

I'll be headed over to Farm Chicks this weekend as a shopper only. I'll take lots of photos, and catch up with you next week. Cheers . . .

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