Tuesday, March 5, 2013

OH, how I love Thee . . .

Spring . . . 

I do love Spring . . . really I do.  It just seems like it takes its own sweet time getting here though.  And I'm not the most patient person.  But Spring has come to the Tippy Stockton Studios, that's for sure.  

Here's a few of my favorite things . . .

One of my favorite necklaces . . . ever.  The locket slides away to reveal the Lord's Prayer embossed right into the metal.  Amazing. 

I think this little beauty would make a lovely gift for a special Mom.  Imprinted on the front of the pendant is the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother to us all.  Sweet vintage pink rondelles and baroque pearls make up the necklace. 

The Collette . . . very sweet and romantic.  In a lovely celadon color as shown here, it also comes in gray, and a wonderful latte color.

The Rue de Eiffel Bracelet is really lovely too.  Featuring a cast Eiffel Tower charm, this lovely bracelet features gorgeous sky blue agate and some vintage Rosary chain.

The Le Ciel Bleu Necklace is another favorite.  Dangling from a rhinestone pendant is a lovely cast charm featuring angels in heaven.  Another beautiful consideration for Mother's Day.

One of my favorites . . . the Fatima Necklace.  Made of Amazonite rounds and shell, this lovely necklace is the perfect color of blue - aqua, my favorite. 

And then here's the whole kit and kaboodle of them.  I love how they all look together.  Find these and other delights 24/7 at http://tippystockton.com/category/new.htm

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