Thursday, March 14, 2013

This girl loves Vintage

When the calendar turned over to a new year, I knew it was time for me to make a change too.  Nothing drastic, just a little tweak here and there.  What I realized was that my website had so many categories; it began to look a little jumbled up.  So I evaluated what was there.  Two distinct looks . . . Vintage and antique vs. Contemporary and modern. 

While I love both categories, I have to say that my heart really lives and loves Vintage.  I get excited when I find a little treasure; like a pair of cast off clip-on earrings from the 50's-60's.  This makes my heart beat a little faster with the anticipation of what I will do with it. 

So, in February, I launched that Vintage part of my line . . . ANTIQUITIES!  I've been really happy with the response I've had for the new pieces.  And I'm excited by ALL the beauties that will be coming to life in the next few weeks. 

I will obviously continue to expand the LaMer line.  I have lots of you who love that look too, and I wouldn't want to discriminate :)

For now though, I leave you with a lovely collage of all things v.i.n.t.a.g.e!  Find your favorite here:

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