Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mom . . .

That's Mom and Dad on their Wedding Day, September 14, 1957

Mom and Chris, 1967

Easter, 1967 with Mom, Dad and Joe

On January 17, my Mom passed away. She had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer, but truthfully I think she died from a broken heart. Mom just wasn't the same after my Dad, Joe passed away last April. Even though she complained about what a "poop" he was, she needed him just as much as he needed her. I miss our almost daily phone calls - she lived in Southern California. As a friend said, it's a different kind of lonely. There is relief in knowing that she is not suffering any longer, but I still long for our phone conversations. She always wanted to know what we were having for dinner - I'm guessing that the food in the Nursing Home was not up to par. I remember at Thanksgiving, she was so excited to hear about how big the turkey was, what kind of potatoes I was cooking, who was coming, etc. She needed to be a part of it all even though she was miles away.

We spent last week in So. California where we prepared for her Funeral Mass. I am so glad that we waited - we had our time to grieve back in January; now was the time to honor and celebrate her rich life. And rich it was, not financially, but rich in memories. As the days go by, it does get a little easier but I find myself picking up the phone to chat. I love you Mom and I'll miss you forever.


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  2. What a beautiful woman. She must have been so proud of you.