Wednesday, July 1, 2009

TA DA - Tippy's Textiles is up and running . . .

At the stroke of midnight today, I sat down and opened my new ETSY Shop - Tippy's Textiles n' Stuff. I uploaded three things, wiped my tired eyes, and scrambled off to bed knowing that I needed to get up early to get the rest of my things put on my site. I have added a few favorites, but honestly folks, this is only the beginning. I have many passions in my life - you're about to see some of the other things that makes my heart twitter!!! If you were at the Funky Junk Sister Show, you will recognize some of these little cuties. You'll also notice a continuing theme . . . vases. I love flowers, my garden is exploding with color right now, so a girl should always have wonderful little vessels at the ready to plop her petals in, right?

Sweet VINTAGE Hobnail Moonstone Vase - $25

ROSE French Apothecary Vase - $12

PEACE Vintage Milk Jug Vase - $12

Cornflower Blue Vintage Vase - $25

Fenton Vintage Hobnail Ashtray - $12

Set of 2 Lavender Sachets - $12

Vintage Milk Glass Banana Compote - $50

Rose Chintz Mini Cake Stand - $20

I hope you have a minute to stop by my new shop @ I think you will love what I have found in my travels. My house is too small for me to keep all of these lovely things - my loss, your gain!!!

We have an exciting 4th of July weekend planned. John (my sweet hubby) and Jerry (the can do, build anything guy) are getting started on my new studio. HIP HIP HOORAY! John and Kellan (my kiddo - he's 21 so not really a little kid; he's quite tall actually) tore down the old garden shed that had become a haven for squirrels and God only knows what else. So that is gone now and will be replaced with a fully insulated, heated, wall boarded, painted and darling little design space with tons of windows and a cute door. I hope to have it done in a month or so, but we will see. I'll be cooking a lot and keeping the brew nice and cold for the boys. I'll keep you posted with pictures. I can't wait to have a warm space so I can keep up with my other business, Tippy Stockton Jewelry!

Happy, happy 4th of July to all of you! May it be safe and blessed with lots of family fun, laughter, and memories!!! For now . . . Patricia :)


  1. A lovely beginning to your new etsy shop! Good luck with your new studio too...I'm so jealous! :0) can't wait to see pics of that when it's finished. Have a blessed 4th! Katy

  2. Got your email! I can't wait to take a look at the new shop:) The banner looks awesome!!