Monday, February 22, 2010

What's in STORE for Spring . . .

Well, that's a loaded question!!! Why, you ask???
Because there's a lot going on!
The shop is full of wonderful new designs for Spring. Beautiful colors to inspire your Springtime wardrobe as well as wonderful gifts for Easter and Mother's Day. Take a look at the photo collage below and see for yourself.

I just picked up my copy of a brand new magazine called "Flea Market Style". OMGosh, if you haven't seen this magazine, you need to rush out and get yourself a copy. This magazine is chock full of amazing photographs, and it includes stories about a few people here in my backyard (well not literally, okay, close-by). You'll be introduced to Joe and Jermonne, affectionately known as the Barn House Boys!!! These two young men have such an eye for design and share their story and their home with you on the pages of this magazine. Then there's Cindy from Land of Tarte. Talent beyond compare!!! These folks all hail from the Portland, Oregon area. I've had the pleasure of meeting them at some of their past shows and I'm excited to be giving you some breaking news today . . . I will be sharing the concrete with them this coming June at a little show (little, who am I kidding?) in Spokane called The Farm Chicks Show.


Excited, Giddy, Scared to Death!!! Just a few of the emotions that I'm feeling right now. Here's a map in case you want to know where the show is (this wonderful little map is printed in the Flea Market Style Magazine - there you will see the entire U S of A, not just little old Washington State.

So more news on the Show as we get closer. Until then, get thinking about Spring . . . we have had a taste here in the Pacific Northwest. So lovely!!! As always, if you have any questions, just fire away. Contact me @ Check out my Facebook Page too for up to the minute information and specials. Sign up to become a fan; write a note on my "wall", and I'll send you a special coupon!!!

Back to the Studio I go!!! Patricia :)

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