Monday, June 14, 2010

Christmas in July???

Okay, so I know that Christmas is months away, but I have to let you in on a little bit of Holiday spirit going on over at Matthew Mead Holiday Magazine. He's having a contest to send in your best Holiday Home Christmas pictures. OMGosh, how fun is this??? Have you ever thought that your home should be in a magazine? Did you put up an amazing display of collectibles and stood back and marveled at your design prowess? Well, if you said yes, get scouring your photo boxes, sift through all your picture files on your laptop, and hurry over to Matthew's site and get the information for this great contest. By the way, have you ordered your magazine yet??? It's only available on-line and yours truly, yes moi, is advertising in this issue. So you just gotta got get yourself a copy today. If you loved Flea Market Style, you must get a copy of Matthew's Holiday magazine. Here's the link:

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  1. Thanks for the info! I'd love to have my home decorated at Christmas time by Matthew Mead! I'll let you know if I send pictures in.

    We were so happy that we got to meet you and visit a little at Farm Chicks, your booth was adorable, loved the color scheme.

    We'll add you to our blog roll. Hope to see you soon. Glad & Celia/Junebug