Friday, July 31, 2009

I know it's early . . . but please save the date!!!

I couldn't be more thrilled to announce that I will again make the trek south to Puyallup for the "Fall" Funky Junk Sisters Show. This was such a great event for me when I was a brand new baby vendor at the June show. This time it's going to be even more fun. So I'm getting to you early - mark your calendars now, because before you know it, there will be frost on the pumpkins, and cooler days. I can say, I'm actually looking forward to that . . . this gal finds it a little difficult to function when it's 100 degrees!!! So, I've got some time to take a vacation, pack my son for college, entertain some family, finish my new Studio, decorate my new Studio, plant the Spring bulbs, ship off lot's of orders . . . Okay, you get the picture - just SAVE THE DATE!!! and I'll see you in Puyallup October 23 - 24.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Studio Update

My new Studio odyssey began on July 4th weekend. I can't believe how quickly my new space is coming together. The Weekend Warriors have been working away and with each passing day, I'm beginning to see what will be my new digs. John has become quite the little construction dude. I really think I need to get him a tool belt.

I will have great height inside - plenty of room for a small loft space for storage.

Chloe is constantly giving me updates on what the "boys" are up to.

I outfitted the new Studio with reclaimed windows from "Restore" in Ballard, WA. It was great to save a few really great old windows and it certainly adds to the charm of the structure.

Jerry was so kind when I kept adding more electrical outlets. I have power tools, and lots of them!!!

We used glass blocks for the windows on the back side of the Studio. This side backs up to a unsightly chain link fence and some over grown shrubbery in the neighbors yard, so now I can benefit from the light, but I don't have to look at the mess.

Two of the larger windows are on swing out hinges - just like Grandma's old house.

I snagged a beautiful "new" French door from Frank's Door in Shoreline. Hey, hot tip!!! If you live in the Seattle area, always, always check out their scratch and dent section. This door was a steal!!!

It's hard to get a great angle on the whole Studio because it's tucked just perfectly at the back of our property.

And I love the fact that it's just steps from the house. No more flashlight at night trying to get back inside during the dead of Winter. I have been known to do my best work at night!

Here's a kind of overhead shot from our roof top perch. As you can see, it's really tucked in. I'm hoping that all the mudding/sanding will be done by the end of the week so we can paint on the weekend, put the floor down, install the overhead lighting and fan and then it's MOVE-IN Day!!! I'm truly excited to get going, get organized, and start diving into Fall and Holiday. Holiday . . . OMG, it's going to be 97 here today. Good grief!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Blessed . . .

There are many things in life that have blessed me - my husband, son, Mom and Dad, family, good friends . . . the list just goes on and on. I think though that sometimes you have to stop and take in some of the "other" blessings in your life . . . like an amazing sunset. The other night my neighbor Judy and I (another huge blessing in my life and she lives right next door) were driving home from Home Depot (our home away from home). As we drove along the main drag into Edmonds, we looked out over the Sound and couldn't believe how gorgeous the sky looked. I sped home, ran inside and grabbed my camera and raced down to the waterfront to capture one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen. The colors were literally bouncing off the water and we arrived just in time to see the ferry pulling into the dock. It was really one of those pinch me moments. I LIVE HERE - this is what I see every time I walk out of my house. God's bounty . . . WOW!!! Have a lovely week friends. I will be back shortly to put up some new pictures of my day at the Vintage Summer Garden Market.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vintage Summer Garden Market this Weekend

Get ready for the Weekend . . .
Spend the day with me and a
few of my friends . . .
Beth and Lisa from the Salvage Studio,
Sandi Hansen, Melinda Catalano, and of course Todd w/Bountiful Home.
When: Saturday, July 25
10:00am - 5:00pm
Where: Bountiful Home - 122 - 4th Avenue S., Edmonds, WA 98020
in the Nursery out back of the shop
The forecasters are calling for a scorcher in "these here parts". So, grab your sunscreen, sunglasses and get down here for a really fun show. Food and refreshments will be available from Swallow Gourmet Foods & Vintage Pantry. The "early bird" gets the worm, so come early for the best selection.
Hope to see you there - but if you live far away from Edmonds, come back to my blog where I will post pictures and show some new wares. (I will upload those to my websites after the show)

Friday, July 17, 2009


Head on over to for FREE SHIPPING EXTENDED all Week long. I've added lots of new Summer items - great shapes, awesome colors, and great prices!!! Here's a few to tease . . .

Verte Earrings - $30

Hurry, offer ends at 12:00pm (PST) on Sunday, July 26th.
Happy Shopping . . . don't forget next weekend (July 25th) too for those of you who live in Western Washington. I'll be at the Vintage Summer Garden Market @ Bountiful Home in Edmonds - 122 - 4th Ave. S., Edmonds. 10:00am - 5:00pm.
Have a great weekend . . .

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The State of Retail . . .

In the July edition of Country Living magazine, there was a very interesting article about how the Retail business is changing. I would like to think that Retail will always be the "best" way of selling products, but there seems to be a whole new way that people are able to make a decent living by being their own boss without having a storefront. Trust me though when I say this . . . some of my best friends are shop owners and I know how difficult this economy has been on them, so I have always tried my best to support their businesses.

However, it does make sense that in order to get my business up and running that I have to think outside the box. In doing so, I have been a part of the "new wave" of retail. Last month, I was a vendor at the "Funky Junk Sisters" Show in Puyallup. That was a great initiation into this way of selling. This month, I will be vendor at a small show in Edmonds, "The Vintage Summer Garden Market", hosted by none other than my good friend, Todd Waddell who happens to own a wonderful little shop downtown, called Bountiful Home.

This will be a much smaller show, but I will have my space filled to the brim with many things for you to feast your eyes on. More garden stakes, linen totes, Vintage glass, and lots of new Vintage Jewelry.

I hope that those of you who live in the Seattle area will make the trip to Edmonds. My friends, Beth and Lisa from the Salvage Studio will be there, as well as Melinda Catalano who does amazing greeting cards and jewelry made from old buttons. There will be something for everyone - Todd may even have a few surprises up his sleeve too.

When: Saturday, July 25 from 10:00am to 5:00pm
Where: Bountiful Home 122 - 4th Ave. S., Edmonds if you have any questions!!!
Hope to see you there!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My New Home . . . update!!!

It's the end of the 2nd day of construction on my new Studio. I can't tell you how excited I am about getting situated in my new space. Here's a few pictures of the progress . . .

John (husband, helper, lumber fetcher, hammering man & bottle opener) and Jerry (the can do, build anything guy) get going on the floor and walls. The space isn't going to be huge - 100 s.f. is all, but a perfect size to get me organized. I went to Restore in Ballard last week and found my windows, and then came across a steal of a deal on a wonderful French door. I'll have tons of great light - perfect for taking my photographs of my jewels and other stuff.
John, trying to decide where a window should be placed.

Jerry, making all the cuts . . .

By the end of day 2, I had three walls and a floor. Should have the remaining side, doors and perhaps a roof by early next week.

Even, my best girl, Chloe got in on the action. She was trying to tell me that the boys wanted their "union break". Hmmmmm

Okay, so make it quick you guys.

I'll keep you all posted as we get further.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Treasury x Deux

Wow, two treasury selections in one day . . . Thank you Kristend12 and Windyriver. You made my day!!! In the first set, second row middle - Playland Earrings - inspired by my days in Rockaway Beach at the amusement park with my Nanny and Pop.
Great memories . . .

My second treasury featured my "Queen for the Day" pillow (top row, right side) and was on my new website -

In honor of the 4th of July, check out my SUMMER SALE now going on at I have pulled together a few Summer favorites and have slashed prices by up to 40%, so go check them out. Over at Tippy's Textiles, a Grand Opening special goes on until the end of the month - 10% off your entire order. (does not apply to special orders or wholesale purchases).

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

TA DA - Tippy's Textiles is up and running . . .

At the stroke of midnight today, I sat down and opened my new ETSY Shop - Tippy's Textiles n' Stuff. I uploaded three things, wiped my tired eyes, and scrambled off to bed knowing that I needed to get up early to get the rest of my things put on my site. I have added a few favorites, but honestly folks, this is only the beginning. I have many passions in my life - you're about to see some of the other things that makes my heart twitter!!! If you were at the Funky Junk Sister Show, you will recognize some of these little cuties. You'll also notice a continuing theme . . . vases. I love flowers, my garden is exploding with color right now, so a girl should always have wonderful little vessels at the ready to plop her petals in, right?

Sweet VINTAGE Hobnail Moonstone Vase - $25

ROSE French Apothecary Vase - $12

PEACE Vintage Milk Jug Vase - $12

Cornflower Blue Vintage Vase - $25

Fenton Vintage Hobnail Ashtray - $12

Set of 2 Lavender Sachets - $12

Vintage Milk Glass Banana Compote - $50

Rose Chintz Mini Cake Stand - $20

I hope you have a minute to stop by my new shop @ I think you will love what I have found in my travels. My house is too small for me to keep all of these lovely things - my loss, your gain!!!

We have an exciting 4th of July weekend planned. John (my sweet hubby) and Jerry (the can do, build anything guy) are getting started on my new studio. HIP HIP HOORAY! John and Kellan (my kiddo - he's 21 so not really a little kid; he's quite tall actually) tore down the old garden shed that had become a haven for squirrels and God only knows what else. So that is gone now and will be replaced with a fully insulated, heated, wall boarded, painted and darling little design space with tons of windows and a cute door. I hope to have it done in a month or so, but we will see. I'll be cooking a lot and keeping the brew nice and cold for the boys. I'll keep you posted with pictures. I can't wait to have a warm space so I can keep up with my other business, Tippy Stockton Jewelry!

Happy, happy 4th of July to all of you! May it be safe and blessed with lots of family fun, laughter, and memories!!! For now . . . Patricia :)